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  Welcome to Geno Asia Sdn. Bhd.
  About Geno Asia Sendirian Berhad

Our main businesses are import and distribute quality agriculture equipment, fertilizers, micronutrients, agriculture tools and other agriculture requirements to serve the customers.

Geno Asia  is a trading company supporting agricultural industry. We apply knowledge of good agriculture practice , innovation and technology to help growers grow more while conserving more and advocate the right input at the right place. We help growers grow sustainable and successful yield while preserving the environment.

 Our main task is to share knowledge via extension services to offer solutions for current challenges in the planting industry.  We introduce innovative technique  and concept  such as Micropur  TDCA to address acute labour shortage situation in weeds management. While Hornbill Tapping Knife is another revolutional concept for the rubber planting industry. The tapping knife is a combination of  razor, hand plane techniques together with the pull and push traditional tapping knife in one. Many plantation companies and growers have benefited from the innovative products since the products are introduced. 

Geno Asia will continue to search and develop more innovative products in order to effectively contribute to the industry and balancing of the environmental factors for sustainable agricultural practices.

Our main products :

We offer a wide range of agricultural related products such as agrochemicals,  fertilizers,  agricultural tools and equipment, as well as personnel protective equipment.

Agriculture Tools and Equipment :

  • Micropur Total Droplet Controlled Applicator (Micropur TDCA)
  • Samurai Controlled Droplet Applicator (Samurai CDA)
  • Turbo CDA Spray Head For Knapsack Pump
  • Hornbill Tapping Knife
  • Cantas MK II EVO Motorised Cutter
  • Low drift nozzle
  • Clear stick wiper


  • Micronutirents : Tracer 6(Cu8%, Zn4%), Tracer 7(Cu6%, Zn3%, B2O3 6%)
  • NPK compounds and straight fertilizers

Agriculture Chemicals

  • Pheromone, Metarhizium anisopliae, Rodenticides, Herbicides


  • Hydromate (Rain harvest polymer)

Personnel Protective Equipment

  • SMS Overall, disposable PE hand glove, disposable LDPE apron, face mask (tie on/ Earloop)

With our expertise and strong supply base, we provide the best quality products that meet your requirements.
Should you have any interest on our products, please forward your enquiry to us. We would be glad to provide you with more information.