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  About Us
  GENO ASIA SDN. BHD. will going through a very exciting year ahead due to the following factors:

The Market

  • Market penetration into Indonesia
  • Market maintenance for Malaysia/Thailand
  • Market Development into Australia
  • Competitions
  • Competition is expected in plantations market. Importers such as ANCOM and EB Field Sdn Bhd. are using price as their penetration strategy.
  • Acute labours shortage for agriculture sector will remain and thus encourage usage of CDA Sprayers.

Geno Asia – Business Overview

  • Headquarter
    - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Asia Pacific territory breakdown
  • -South East Asia
  • Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines
  • -Australia/New Zealand
    -North Asia
  • Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China (Longer term)
    -South Asia
  • India, Sri Lanka

Geno Asia’s Business Strategies
  • Phase I (2005 onwards)
    • -Secure the Malaysia Business
      -Renew growth in Thailand
      -Penetrate into Indonesia’s Plantation market
  • Phase II (2006 onwards)
    • -Explore and develop the Australia home and garden market
  • Phase III (2007 onwards)
    • -Enter into the Korean Market (Provide alternative to existing equipment)
      -Develop a plan to enter the Japanese market with an aging farming population
  • Phase IV (2008 onwards)
    • -Penetrate India and Sri Lanka market


  • To grow market share of Micro Plex CDA Sprayer into the region. Namely Malaysia Indonesia, Thailand and Australia.
  • To be the major supplier of CDA Sprayer to plantation groups in Malaysia and Indonesia.
  • To be strategic supplier of CDA Sprayer to niche market in Thailand and Australia
  • Ensure key plantation groups are aligned to Micro Plex CDA Sprayer usage.
  • Ensure products are made available to the distributors to prevent users from turning to competitor’s products.
  • Embark on planned campaign to promote and create usage of CDA Sprayers.
  • Continue on Technical Selling approach to gain new customers.


  • Capitalise on acute labours shortage and good testimony forwarded by users in relation to good experiences with CDA Sprayer to increase CDA Sprayers usage.
  • Work closely with selected key distributors to tap on the existing market network  to effectively cover the region.
  • To explore into Australia Home garden market.
  • To capitalise on continuous labours shortage situation to market CDA Sprayer for the agriculture sector.

The Emphasis Areas

  • To establish strategic alliance in Indonesia to capture CDA Sprayers market in Plantation sector.
  • To initial new promotional activities to help distributors to grow CDA Sprayers. Such as organizing One day seminar on to highlight CDA Sprayers usage in Agriculture sector.
  • To continue provide technical support via activities such as :-
    • Forums
    • Study tour
    • Field Vis